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Aluminium Cladding Materials

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About our Aluminium Cladding Materials

CRV Industries typically installs the following material types, these materials whether they are being applied to a domestic or major commercial façade project works are specified by architects, building companies and or their nominated representatives, CRV Industries does not recommend or influence the choice of Aluminium Cladding materials.

Traditional aluminium cladding products such as Alucobond® supplied by HVG and Vitrabond® as supplied by Fairview are still popular specifications in the domestic and smaller scale commercial projects such as factory developments. Contact CRV Industries today and we will provide you with competitive pricing for your next traditional aluminium cladding project.

A relatively recent addition to Aluminium cladding products on offer to the market is Vitracore G2®, another product supplied by Fairview. This product has been tested and deemed to satisfy the 1530.1 code.

CRV Industries have installed the Vitracore G2® material on a number of major commercial building projects in the Melbourne area. These projects are new builds with the Vitracore G2® specified as the aluminium cladding of choice, on projects undertaken by CRV Industries such as Home Maker Centres, New Car dealerships, Major low-rise high-density residential developments and schools to list a few projects.

Contact CRV Industries today and we will provide you with competitive pricing for your next Vitracore G2® project.

Latest Trends in Aluminium Cladding

The latest trend in the aluminium cladding market is the specification of 3mm prefinished solid aluminium. The two leading brands on offer to the market are Mondoclad® as supplied by HVG and Vitradual® as offered from Fairview. Both products have a PVDF paint finish applied in colours similar to those available in the standard Alucobond® and Vitrabond® product/colour ranges.

The specification of these solid aluminium products negates concerns regarding combustibility and potential fire compliance issues. These products are relevant to new builds at commercial and domestic levels along with the growing remedial re clad market.

Contact CRV Industries today and we will provide you with competitive pricing for your next solid aluminium project.

Particularly relevant to the remedial re clad projects CRV Industries can also provide pricing for mill finish 3mm aluminium sheet to be processed and either wet painted or powder coated to meet your unique project colour requirements.

All Aluminium Cladding products as supplied and installed by CRV Industries are processed on state-of-the-art flatbed CNC machines ensuring premium quality finish for your project.

Contact CRV Industries today and we will provide you with competitive pricing for your next colour specific solid aluminium re clad project.

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